After Tooth Extraction

Instructions for Healing

Important: Please read the information below to help your recovery from your tooth extraction procedure at San Luis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center. If you have any questions, please call us at: San Luis Obispo Office Phone Number 805-541-5611.


After tooth extraction, it’s important for a blood clot to form to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. That’s why we ask you to bite on a gauze pad for 30–45 minutes after the appointment. If the bleeding or oozing still persists, place another gauze pad and bite firmly for another 30 minutes. You may have to do this several times.

After the blood clot forms, it is important not to disturb or dislodge the clot as it aids healing. Do not rinse vigorously, suck on straws, smoke, drink alcohol or brush teeth next to the extraction site for 72 hours. These activities will dislodge or dissolve the clot and retard the healing process. Limit vigorous exercise for the next 24 hours as this will increase blood pressure and may cause more bleeding from the extraction site.

Pain Management and Swelling

After the tooth is extracted you may feel some pain and experience some swelling. An ice pack or an unopened bag of frozen peas or corn applied to the area will keep swelling to a minimum. Take pain medications as prescribed. The swelling usually subsides after 48 hours.

Regarding Medications

Use the pain medication as directed. Call the office if the medication doesn’t seem to be working: San Luis Obispo Office Phone Number 805-541-5611. If antibiotics are prescribed, continue to take them for the indicated length of time, even if signs and symptoms of infection are gone.


Drink lots of fluid and eat nutritious soft food on the day of the extraction. You can eat normally as soon as you are comfortable.

Oral Hygiene and Normal Routines

It is important to resume your normal dental routine after 24 hours. This should include brushing and flossing your teeth at least once a day. This will speed healing and help keep your mouth fresh and clean.

After a few days you will feel fine and can resume your normal activities. If you have heavy bleeding, severe pain, continued swelling for 2–3 days, or a reaction to the medication, call our office immediately at San Luis Obispo Office Phone Number 805-541-5611.

Patient Reviews: Tooth Extractions

Read patient reviews below about their tooth extraction experiences with Dr. Janette. Please visit the Patient Review Form page to leave a review about your tooth extraction experience with San Luis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implant Center. Call our office if you would like more information: San Luis Obispo Office Phone Number 805-541-5611.

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Everything went well, no pain, fast extracting, negligible bleeding, reasonably fast recuperation.

- Eugene Fabricius F

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I have had several dentist over the years and Dr. Janette is by far the most professional and personnel. He was highly educated and up to date with the most modern practices. Because he has great communication skills he was able to explain everything in simple terms that even I could understand. He not only showed great compassion, but also took a genuine interest in my circumstance. My horrifying ordeals with past dentist made me very reluctant to return to a dentist. I am glad I did because since my treatment with Dr. Janette I have a renewed trust in dentistry, and my anxiety is gone.

- Brad W

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